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Title:Tell Me
Artist:Takaki Matsuda

1.Takaki Matsuda - Tell Me (Original Mix)
2.Takaki Matsuda - Quistis Treepe (Original Mix)



Takaki Matsuda - Tell Me-

2005年にDJとして活動開始し、自身の音楽の世界観を表現させたいと2008年より音楽製作活動開始。 わずか短期間で一回目のリリースとなったのは イタリアのレーベルEye Recordingsより2009年にリリース。

その後も進化絶えずさまざまなダンスミュージックを追求し続け、 Progressive Houseに限らずTechno/MinimalもイタリアのEmpro Recordingsよりリリース。

ウクライナ出身のIncognetのImagineのリミックスを初めとし、 国内外でも注目浴びてきたNISHの名曲Sagitarius 2011のリミックスも手がけ、 Paul Oakenfoldにプレイされた。

ブダペスト出身のアーティストRoland SandorのMake Meをリミックスし、Marco V等がプレイ。 多くのアーティストからも支援受けてきた。

さらに、60カ国にも放送され、 これまで多くの大型アーティストやニューフェイスをゲストとして招待し続けてきた イギリスのThe Edge Radio ShowにてレジデントDJも勤めていた。

"Tell Me"は人気RPGゲームのファイナルファンタジーVIIIのサウンドトラックから頂いたタイトル。 今回のEPはTakaki Matsuda自身がこのゲームを10年以上も愛し続けてきたという思いからのインスピレーションで誕生。


Takaki Matsuda - Tell Me

Takaki Matsuda Born in 1985. He started his career as a DJ in 2005 in Japan, mainly in Tokyo. Constantly evolving to keep to persue the latest Progressive House, Techno/Minimal,Electro House, Chill-Out.

The main part of His mixes feature a wide range of different genres. He begin his career as a producer sound after three year he spend his life as a DJs. He using his experience Six-Sense as a DJ to producing many elements sound of electronic music.
He began to be producer after he inspired by famous international DJ and Producer. In very short time he proove his skill as a producer to show his talent by his music.

His remix `Sagitarius 2011 by NISH` was playing by Paul Oakenfold. And the remix `Make Me by Roland Sandor` have playing by Marco V.

Furthermore, Takaki is served The Edge Radioshow it is broadcasted in 60 countries as a resident DJ.

"Tell Me" Is a song title taking from the most popular RPG game "Final Fantasy VIII" in japan. This EP is talking about how deeply Takaki was love with this game to remind him at that time. And he was taking the name of his favorite character Quistis Treepe to put on the title. The both of the track is telling about the story of love and emotion feeling deep inside element sound.


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